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                                 Froissé mirror 

// Designed by Paris-based Hungarian artist Mathias Kiss.

The unending amends you’ve made
Are enough for one life, be done
I believe in innocence, little darling, start again
I believe in everyone

I believe, regardless, I believe in everyone - 81 by Joanna Newsom


So i was introduced to Mathias Kiss’ work through my Aunt who is currently in a relationship with him. The mirror is ridiculously stunning, its incredible, and i love that it forms a glow around the actual piece. 

I would love to own this, but sadly its most likely out of my price range and i feel like hanging it above my bed may be a serious safety hazard. 

eh, who cares, death by something that beautiful would be fine by me.


Visit Mathias Kiss’ and Anna Mistals joint site here



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